Emerging Texas Strong Pod Episode Notes

Season 2: Episode 10 Opportunities to Rejigger Your Business Model

I was dying to get into some REAL conversations to ask: Has the past 2 years affected your identity as a Small Business Owner? Has it forced you to reassess your dedication to your skills, your business and your paradigm of what life is?

In Episode 10 I speak to 2 small business owners in Texas who are using the disruption of Covid to rejigger their business models – in two completely opposite ways.

Season 2: Episode 9 What Your Accountant Wants You To Know – Pt 2

In Part 2 of this 2 part series, What Your Accountant Wants You To Know, we dig deep with San Antonio CPA, Debi Malone, who has been my accountant for 5 years. Today we cover her client pet peeves, her forecast for the recovery and solid advice for finding a CPA that is the right fit for your business.

Season 2: Episode 8 What Your Accountant Wants You To Know – Pt 1

Every small business owner needs a professional team to keep things moving strong and flowing right. One of those people on your team is your CPA or accountant. It’s so important to find the right accountant for your business and to establish a good working relationship that person so they can fully understand your business’ needs, short and long term goals – and so that they can help with financial strategies and advice to keep you both in compliance with the laws and also aware of the incentives available to you.

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