Emerging Texas Strong Pod Episode Notes

Season 1: Episode 10 Silver Linings

This is the final episode of Season 1 and truly, it’s such perfect timing because as we complete this season we are quickly seeing the twinkle of a strong economic recovery. 

Today we wrap up with a peek at the Silver Linings. And the thing about silver linings is that it truly is the sun peeking out from behind the dark clouds, as a promise that it won’t always be this way, and that there is beauty to be found even now in the dark times.

Season 1: Episode 9 Should I Stay or Should I Go? Pt 3

In Episode 9, the finale of our 3 part series “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” – We complete the circle, and find out how getting everything in place that you would need to attract a good buyer – is actually the single best thing you can do refresh your business and get ready to be leaner, faster, and ready for big growth in the economic recovery.

Season 1: Episode 8 Should I Stay or Should I Go? Pt 2

We answer the question that keeps you up at night – What would it look like if I did sell my business? So we talk to guest, Tanya Posavatz, formerly of CLINK Events, to get some inside information on what it takes to sell a business.

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