Emerging Texas Strong Pod Episode Notes

Season 2: Episode 6 Emotional Intelligence at Work

The past 18 months have been hard. How you show up as a boss and how you support and build your team is more important than ever. This week we look at the subject of Emotional Intelligence, in a deep-dive with our Dallas based Emotional Intelligence expert, Marcel Brunel of The Brunel Group.
If a crisis persists and grows, like Covid, so should your empathy as a leader.
Moments like this test us. We see in real-time what our capacity for resilience, vision and empathy is. Forced to navigate these waters, we’re squared off at the helm of this pandemic storm… and we’re being called upon to answer this question:
Are you are the leader you would want to be in the face of adversity?

Season 2: Episode 5 Labor Shortages

I’ve spoken with a number of business owners about surviving the pandemic at this point, both on and off the microphone and one thing that continuously surprises me and makes me feel seen is when I hear a business owner say, “this moment actually feels HARDER than 2020” And I tell you what, I feel that too. Having a shortage of available workforce in the service, hospitality, healthcare and most blue collar jobs – it’s making this recovery feel like a cruel joke and a one-two-punch to us small business owners. There is finally work! We’re getting calls from everywhere! And we are so understaffed that we’re killing ourselves trying to keep up!! We are people dying of thirst who are given a fire hose to drink from! Only without the teams to keep up.

Season 2: Episode 4 Disruptions in the Supply Chain

This week on the show we break it down, and talk to our business owners about Disruptions in the Supply Chain caused by Covid. The Economy, when it’s humming along nicely, is a complex and delicate ecosystem that we take for granted most of the time. It is a system that works based on Buyer’s fluctuating needs, wants and demands — Needs, wants, and demands that got thrown into a tailspin in 2020. And not only was the tailspin because the American consumer didn’t spend nearly as much as anticipated on suits for the office and ladies dress flats to complete that business professional looks and their dollars shift to things like ring lighting and new additions to the house or remodeling that now essential “home office”, but it was an even bigger dilemma, because due to Covid international trade was halted, shipping yards were being temporarily closed, the price of gasoline crashed then skyrocketed, the demand for long-haul truckers ballooned, and we’re not even going to get into the toilet paper thing… to say it’s been difficult to navigate is an understatement. Tracking the effects of a disruption in the supply chain can be dizzying and it can hit you where you least expect it! 

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